Halva «Soan Papdi» 

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Laminated Indian halva from Organic Buttermilk Flour, cooked with the addition of natural ghee oil, cane sugar, nuts and spices.

Soan Papdi — traditional, for many, one of the most favorite Indian sweets. Under the name «halva» in India, prepared a lot of sweet desserts, from the most unexpected and diverse products. For Soan Papdi, only chickpea flour is suitable — this is its main component, and, of course, «yummy» is obtained only from quality nutmeg flour.

For Soan Papdi from Sangam Herbals only organic high-quality chickpea flour is used.

Ghi — Natural homemade ghee.

An exquisite Indian delicacy, a delicate crispy sweetness made of chickpea flour with almonds and pistachios melting in your mouth, will pleasantly surprise you with a light, unobtrusive taste with a piquant aftertaste of cardamom with a touch of cinnamon and saffron.

Soan Papdi is a layered, slightly crispy delicacy.

Melting in the mouth, a gentle «sunny piece» combined with the aroma of a bouquet of Indian spices will be a pleasant addition to freshly brewed tea or coffee.

Pamper yourself and your loved ones!

Side effect of the application.


Sweetness is ready for use. Does not require additional heating. Perfectly combined with tea or coffee.

SOHAN PAPDI — Indian halva from Organic Nut Flour is in the assortment:

SOVAN PAPDI «Desi Ghee» (Natural homemade ghee)


SOVAN PAPDI «Without sugar»

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 SOVAN PAPDI «Premium»



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